ISDIN Nutradeica Dandruff Shampoo Oily 200ml


€ 18,20
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Dandruff appears when least expected and least accurate. Stress, cold temperatures and changes are ideal factors for its appearance. Many of the solutions leave hair lifeless and damaged. Nutradeica Shampoo oily dandruff shampoo is effective against severe dandruff and gentle with your hair.
Nutradeica oily dandruff shampoo solves the problem of dandruff keeping the hair healthy and shiny. Finally a shampoo with ingredients that attack each of the seborrheic dermatitis problems. It helps eliminate the fungus that causes scaling, eliminates excess oil and helps relieve itching.
Apply on the hair, lather and leave act 3-4 minutes. In dandruff oily phase using 2 to 3 times per week. Nutradeica oily dandruff shampoo is also the ideal complement to the pharmacological treatment of seborrheic dermatitis

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